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New: Frozen Boba by Tea ZONE

Revolutionize Your Boba Tea Shop with Frozen Boba by TeaZone: Convenient, Flavorful, and Economical

Tired of constantly monitoring your stove while preparing boba? With TeaZone’s Frozen Boba, the days of stovetop anxiety are over. It’s as easy as placing a frozen boba package in your 750W microwave for just 80 seconds. Be sure to vent the steam by gently opening a corner of the package before microwaving to achieve that perfect texture. Say goodbye to the complexities of traditional boba preparation and welcome the convenience of consistent, chewy, and delightful boba tea.

Choosing Paper Cups

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Black Restaurant Supplies

The color black evokes a feeling of sophistication and luxury…even small foodservice establishments can create the perception of luxury and premium value with the use of black restaurant supplies.

Utensils 101

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