Tamper-Evident Products

Food delivery has become more prevalent since the pandemic. Along with the rise of food delivery is food theft; app drivers have been reported eating or stealing customer’s orders which ends up costing the restaurant. Save money and ensure peace of mind for customers with tamper evident products!

What does tamper-evident mean?

Tamper-evident is a type of closure or seal that makes it apparent when a container has been opened. Tamper-evident packaging may become torn or damaged to indicate tampering has occurred, while tamper-evident seals will leave a clear visual mark on packaging to alert customers. When a container arrives at a customer with a torn closure, they can be forewarned that their packaging has been opened during transit. If a container is delivered intact then this reassures recipients that their container has not been opened and the food is safe to consume. 

What is the difference between tamper-evident and tamper resistant?

Tamper-evident refers to a prominent signal on packaging and containers that indicate tampering. This may include tamper evident stickers that leave a mark such as a Void residue  Tamper resistant or packaging that have a broken seal. Tamper resistant packaging refers to containers with specific closures that deter entry from unauthorized persons. 

Karat Tamper Resistant Products

Karat® offers a line of tamper resistant products including hinged salad bowls and hinged deli containers. Keep your customer’s food safe and fresh! These containers are made from recyclable material with a temperature tolerance of -10℉ ~120 ℉ (-23℃ ~ 49℃). The tamper resistant deli containers and bowls are simple to securely close and the seal is easy to break, making them ideal for delivery or takeout orders. To view the full sales flyer, click here
Karat also recently introduced Tamper-Evident Labels to add onto any container or bags. These labels will adhere securely and leave a void imprint upon removal to clearly identify tampered packaging. The bold red stickers will deter food tampering as well.

See our latest product video: https://youtu.be/8A5STrO_Y3c

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