The Karat Guide to Going Green

As more cities begin to ban single-use plastics, the push for environmentally friendly restaurant supplies is bigger than ever. Alternative materials such as compostable PLA (Polylactic acid) or biodegradable bagasse are typical replacements and soon to be expected in every food service establishment. Whether your legislature has already approved a deadline or you want to be proactive for the cause, here is a simple guide on eco-friendly alternatives you need to make the switch and go green.

Take Out Containers

Common take out containers are made out of Styrofoam or plastic, both of which contain harmful chemicals and do not decompose in landfills. These Karat Earth items are perfect alternatives:

Current ProductEco-Friendly Option
Foam Square Take Out Container with Hinged Lid — Single CompartmentKarat Earth 9”x9″ Compostable Bagasse Hinged Containers
Foam Square Take Out Container with Hinged Lid — 3-CompartmentKarat Earth 9″x9″ Compostable Bagasse Hinged Container – 3 Compartments
Foam RectangularTake Out Container with Hinged Lid Karat Earth 9”x6” Compostable Bagasse Hinged Containers
Plastic Round Deli ContainersKarat Earth 16oz PLA Eco-Friendly Deli Containers 
Plastic Hinged ContainersKarat Earth 9”x9″ PLA Hinged Container
Plastic Clamshell ContainersKarat Earth 6”x6” PFAS Free Compostable Bagasse Hinged Containers

The Karat Earth containers are also available in other sizes and in either natural or kraft colors. 

Disposable Cups

Most restaurants, food trucks and food kiosks need disposable cups to serve beverages both for dine-in and take out orders. Cold beverages like soda and beer are either poured in a clear plastic cup or a plastic-lined paper cup to prevent condensation. The key issue in both those options are the unwanted plastic materials.  Switching to cups made with plant-based material like PLA gives a feel of plastic but is commercially compostable! 

Current ProductEco-Friendly Option
Poly-Lined Paper Cold CupsKarat Earth Eco-Friendly Paper Cold Cups
Clear Plastic Cold CupsKarat Earth PLA Eco-Friendly Cups
Poly-Lined Paper Hot CupsKarat Earth Eco-Friendly Paper Hot Cups
Karat Earth Eco-Friendly Insulated Paper Hot Cups

The Karat Earth cups are all available multiple sizes and in either white or One Earth print. 

Single Use Utensils

Unless your customers are eating pizza or a sandwich, they will need utensils. Unfortunately it is difficult to recycle small plastic utensils so they all end up in landfills. To combat this issue, compostable plant-based materials can be used to provide a durable functional option.

Current ProductEco-Friendly Option
Plastic ForkKarat Earth PLA Heavy Weight Compostable Forks
Karat Earth® WRAPPED CPLA Compostable Fork
Karat Earth Wooden Compostable Heavy Weight Fork
Plastic SpoonKarat Earth PLA Heavy Weight Compostable Spoon
Karat Earth® WRAPPED CPLA Compostable Spoon
Karat Earth Wooden Compostable Heavy Weight Spoon
Plastic KnifeKarat Earth PLA Heavy Weight Compostable Knife
Karat Earth® WRAPPED CPLA Compostable Knife
Karat Earth Wooden Compostable Heavy weight Knife
Plastic Cutlery KitsKarat Earth CPLA Compostable Cutlery Kits (Knife, Fork, Tea Spoon, 2-ply Napkin)

Karat Earth PLA utensils are available in multiple weights from medium to heavy. 

Plastic Straws

Plastic straws were among the first single use products to gain widespread concern and city bans. Many customers prefer to sip from a straw as opposed to drinking directly from a glass and straws are essential for enjoying a beverage on the go. Karat has 3 options to eliminate the troublesome plastic straw.

Current ProductEco-Friendly Option
Plastic strawKarat Earth Paper Straw 
Karat Earth PLA Clear Straws
Karat PET Plastic Strawless™ Sipper Lid

Karat Earth paper and PLA straws are available in multiple sizes and can be found either wrapped or unwrapped. 

Disposable Plates

Foam plates are great for buffets, barbecues and tailgates but foam goes straight into landfills when finished and does not decompose. Selecting biodegradable bagasse plates is the sustainable option to continue serving meals on single use plates. 

Current ProductEco-Friendly Option
Foam PlateKarat Earth Compostable Bagasse Round Plates
Foam Plate — 3 compartmentsKarat Earth Compostable Bagasse Round Plates — 3 compartments

Karat Earth plates are available in multiple sizes and can be found in natural or white colors. 

Shop Karat Packaging

A growing number of companies are stepping up their contribution to mitigate their environmental impact. Making the switch to eco-friendly alternatives does not have to be significantly more expensive. Karat Packaging offers competitively priced products and easily met thresholds. Your customers and the Earth will appreciate your business going green. For more information about Karat and Karat Earth products, please contact your Sales Rep or email us at

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