A Guide to Microwaveable Take Out Containers

If you own a restaurant, it is essential to stock take out containers. Not all take out containers are created equal; some are best for cold food, some are environmentally friendly, and some are microwave safe. When serving your customer foods best enjoyed warm, be sure to select the right microwaveable take out container. This is a complete guide to help you decide. 

Microwavable Take Out Containers 

Karat and Karat Earth have several options that include rectangular, round, and even hinged. This chart provides an overview of available sizes. Some sizes come in multiple compartments that are perfect for meals with smaller sides and some have lids that can also be used inside of microwaves.  

Container type Sizes Compartments Sold with Lid Microwaveable Lid 
Rectangular Injection Molded IM- • 12 oz 
• 16 oz 
• 24 oz 
• 30 oz  
• 32 oz 
• 38 oz 
• 48 oz 
1, 2 or 3 YesYes
Rectangular Take Out Boxes  FP-BB • 24 oz 
• 48 oz 
1, 2, or 3 NoNo
Round Injection Molded IM- • 16 oz 
• 24 oz 
• 32 oz 
• 48 oz 
Round Take Out Boxes FP-RC • 32 oz 
• 48 oz 
Injection Mold Bowl FP-IM • 36 oz 
• 48 oz 
Mineral-filled hinged containers KE-HC • 6”x 6”  
• 9”x 6”  
• 8”x 8”  
• 9”x 9”  
1 or 3 YesYes
Paper Food Containers  NoYes
  1. Bento containers 

Single serve to-go containers such as disposable bento boxes are ideal to pack complete meals. With a selection between two distinct design types, each with varying shapes and compartments, you cannot go wrong with microwaveable bento containers.  

Microwaveable bento box-style container

Rectangular take out containers

Karat offers two different types of rectangular take out containers: Injection Molded and Take Out Boxes. 

Injection-molded microwavable to go containers are made from thick durable polypropylene (PP) plastic and is sold as a bundle with PP lid. These lids are built tough like the container which means you can put both into the microwave to reheat food.  

Sizes for injection molded containers range from 12 oz all the way to 48 oz. The 30 oz rectangular size comes with 2-compartments to fit a smaller side along with the main dish. The 32 oz rectangular size has 3-compartments to accommodate two smaller sides and the main food section. The most famous shape and size is the single compartment 16 oz rectangular container used for personal weekly meal prep. Both consumers and businesses alike use these often. 

Take-out boxes are also made from sturdy PP material and tend to be wider and shallower. Lids are sold separately so restaurants that offer dine-in may prefer containers without lids. Optional lids for these containers are made from oriented polystyrene (OPS)  which are much more transparent than PP lids but not microwave safe.  

Microwavable take-out boxes have a size selection of 24 oz or 36 oz. The 24 oz is only available in single compartment; however, the 36 oz comes in single, double, or triple compartments. The 2-compartment container has a larger space for the side item than the injection-molded ones do. 

Round to go containers 

Round-to-go containers are fantastic for rice bowls or pasta dishes. Karat carries injection molded and round take-out containers to fit the preference of any foodservice operator. 

Injection-molded microwavable round-to-go containers mirror the same heavy-duty structure as the rectangular ones but in an alternate form factor. You can place both the container and bundled lid into the microwave safely. These are available in 16 oz, 24 oz, 32 oz, and 48 oz sizes. 

Take-out boxes that are round are versatile options when packing meals to go. These containers have compatible lids sold separately that are made in PP plastic, making them safe to use inside of a microwave too! 

  1. Injection molded bowls 

Broth-based soups are best enjoyed hot so customers that receive lukewarm soup or, even worse, an unacceptable cold temperature need to be able to pop the container into the microwave for a quick reheat. Karat injection-molded bowls perfect for this purpose. They are strong, sturdy, and available in larger capacities. You can find 22 oz, 36 oz or 48 oz PP injection molded bowls for your restaurant. Choose between white or black colors based on the aesthetic of your establishment.  

The best thing about these bowls is that all sizes share the same lid! Maintain a single SKU for multiple containers to save on product storage space. The flat lid for injection-molded bowls is sold separately and is also microwavable, which provides an added convenience.  

  1. Injection molded deli containers 

Deli containers are the most versatile to-go containers of them all; they’re clear for better content visibility, stackable for compact storage, and are great for soups or salads, storage for loose items, and so much more! However, not every deli container is equal. Injection-molded deli containers are specially designed to withstand higher temperatures than regular deli containers. This means you can reheat pre-made soups directly inside the container.  

Karat injection-molded deli containers are available in 8 oz, 12 oz, 16 oz, 24 oz, and 32 oz sizes and come with lids as well. If you prefer a premium-style deli container, Karat now carries black injection-molded deli containers. The black color offers a more expensive feel without the added cost! 

  1. Mineral-filled hinged containers 

Hinged-to-go containers, or clamshell containers, are very common in casual dining restaurants. Unfortunately, many foodservice establishments are using Styrofoam which is not only horrible for the environment, it is harmful to consumers. When food is reheated in Styrofoam containers, chemicals may leak onto your food and then is ingested. Make the smart move and switch to Karat Earth mineral-filled hinged containers. These food containers are made with up to 50% organic mineral content, which lessens the impact on the environment and consumers’ health. Most importantly, mineral-filled PP containers can be reheated safely in the microwave! 

Mineral-filled Hinged container

Karat Earth mineral-filled PP take out containers come in classic white or elegant black colors. They are available in: 

  • 6”x 6” single compartment 
  • 9”x 6” single compartment (best seller) 
  • 8”x 8” single compartment 
  • 8”x 8” three compartment 
  • 9”x 9” single compartment 
  • 9”x 9” three compartment   
  1. Paper Food Containers  

The best soup to go containers are actually paper food containers because they can be custom printed, come in a wide range of sizes, and can hold warm soups. For very high-temperature foods, it is still recommended to go with any of the previously covered options, but for a delicious bowl of tomato bisque, this is a great way to go. Paper food containers can also be used for rice bowls, fruit cups, ice cream, and more! This may be your new favorite restaurant supply. 

These containers are available in various prints, eco-friendly options, and sizes. The sizes range from 4 oz to 28 oz and many share a lid size. Lids are sold separately and feature a venting hold for hot food items.  

Take out Containers that are microwaveable 

With take-out and delivery still a large part of the foodservice industry, it is important to have the right-to-go containers that in-home diners can reheat if needed. Karat and Karat Earth lines carry rectangular or round bento boxes, bowls, hinged containers, and paper food containers of all shapes and sizes to accommodate any type of food on your menu. Check out all these products and everything in between at your favorite online restaurant supply store

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