Karat Packaging Orders 10 Tesla Semi Trucks

Earlier this week, Karat Packaging put down their deposit for 10 Tesla Semi trucks to be delivered in 2022. This purchase is in line with the company’s plans to grow its logistics capabilities and to continue investing in environmentally friendly solutions.

In 2017, Tesla announced its newest innovation in transportation. The Tesla Semi is a 100% battery-powered Class 8 semi-truck that is advertised as the “safest, most comfortable truck ever.” Semi’s enhanced autopilot feature will reduce the chances of collisions and its carefully designed cabin gives the truck and driver more stability and control. This electric truck expects to cost half as much to power it, but it provides even more hauling strength. When pulling a full load of up to 80,000 pounds, this truck can reach 0 to 60 in just 20 seconds with the help of four independent motors.

Although exact delivery dates are not available, Karat Packaging expects to add the 10 Semis to its California fleet next year. The Chino, California warehouse is a crucial location that receives most of the company’s imports and later transfers to the other 4 contiguous US locations. Karat Packaging uses its own fleet to pick up products from the ports of Los Angeles and soon that journey will be made with Tesla Semis. Unfortunately, there are still limitations for the Semi, even with its 500-mile range. These trucks will be confined to Tesla Supercharger locations and, soon after, Megacharger locations.

Nevertheless, this investment is a step forward towards the company’s efforts to become more eco-friendly. Karat Packaging continues to add to the Karat Earth product line of biodegradable and compostable restaurant supplies. Also, as a California-based company, Karat Packaging is joining the cause to become net zero by 2045. Karat Packaging CEO, Alan Yu, says: “California is headed towards net zero by 2045, so why wait to adapt? We are trying to get a head start.”

Karat Packaging has always been ahead of the curve from being one of the first companies to bring boba tea into the mainstream US to establishing an eco-friendly product line before it was trending. With a focus on the next chapter of the company’s future, Yu shares that acquiring these Tesla Semis will “increase our ability to make deliveries with our own trucks, as well as grow the logistics side of our business.”

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