Partner Highlight: Commonly Asked Questions on Caffe D’Vita

Commonly Asked Questions on Caffe D’Vita

Caffe D’Vita is arguably the world’s most recognized line of coffee-related mixes. This is due to its commercial success in both retail and foodservice. Customers in both sectors have enjoyed the taste of their products.

What does their premium foodservice product cover?

Their premium foodservice products cover:

HOT COLD Dispensing Specialty Other
Cappuccino Mixes Frappes Formulated Iced Cappuccinos Unique Flavored Beverage Mixes Single Serve


Chai Tea Lattes Blended Ice Coffees   Naturals  
Cocoas Fruit Cream Smoothies      
Expressos Classic Ice Creams      
Freeze Dried Coffees Milkshakes      
  Chai Tea Lattes      
  Base Mixes      



What Caffe D’Vita products does Karat® by Lollicup™ carry?

Karat® by Lollicup is a proud partner of Caffe D’Vita and the current products we carry for this brand are:

  •         Blended Iced Coffee
  •         Vanilla Chai Latte
  •         Spiced Chai latte
  •         Mocha Cappuccino
  •         French Vanilla
  •         Gourmet Cocoa

If there are any Caffe D’Vita products that you are interested in, and we do not carry it, feel free to reach out to your sales representative or contact us through here.

How long has Caffe D’Vita been around?

Caffe D’Vita has been around for 40 years and has since continued to meet their customers expectations by being consistent with their high standards and coming out with new products that is current with their customer’s present day market.


 Are Caffe D’Vita product versatile?

Caffe D’Vita products can be customized to create a variety of drinks. In fact, they work great with a lot of other Karat by Lollicup products and other brands! To give your drink an innovative twist you can use liquid alternatives like, but not limited to:

  •         Black Tea
  •         Almond Milk
  •         Cashew Milk
  •         Oat Milk
  •         Espresso
  •         Flavored Coffee
  •         Cold Brew
  •         Steamed Milk
  •         Coconut Milk

You can also add sauces, syrup, and topping like:

  •         Caramel
  •         Lavender
  •         White Chocolate
  •         Rose
  •         Raspberry
  •         Turmeric
  •         Honey
  •         Hazelnut
  •         Any Many More!

Caffe D’Vita has been around for decades and has impressed the specialty coffee industry. They’re brand recognition is strong, and the taste of their products are delicious!

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