Karat Eco-Friendly Initiative Continues

cpla utensils

Since the inception of the Karat Earth brand, it has been a goal of Karat by Lollicup to make environmentally friendly choices easy for everyone. While there is a need for single-use restaurant supplies, we continue to invest in sustainably sourced biodegradable materials. In 2020, we added compostable CPLA utensils, compostable kraft food trays, and biodegradable cups carriers. In 2021, we will soon have bagasse take out containers with matching lids. Another proactive measure we’ve taken is changing poly-wrappers to biodegradable paper-wrapper instead.

As a company, we have embraced our message by placing recyclable and compost bins throughout our offices and switched to air hand dryers in our restrooms. This year, we have taken it a step further by going paper-free on our resources and materials. This includes switching to a digital-only product catalog, introducing a digital eco-friendly product catalog, making sales flyers available online, and creating an onboarding kit available on flash drives. Additionally, we have eliminated paper employment applications and made it easier than ever to join our team

flash drives

How can you join the green movement? Check out our Eco-Friendly Product Catalog to see all your options or read the Karat Guide to Going Green to learn which sustainably-source alternatives can replace your current plastic restaurant supplies.

For more information about the latest news and trends, check out https://www.karatpackaging.com/latest-news/ .  

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