Bubble Tea 101 Training Is Back

Brewing tea seems simple enough but how long is the shelf life? What goes into a milk tea? Which teas are best for flavored syrups? These questions and other questions may be important for new bubble tea shop owners or for bubble tea supply distributors to get started. Karat by Lollicup has revived its Certified Bubble Tea Training Program to answer all these and give you the basic knowledge to prepare amazing beverages. 

Lollicup previously offered the certified trainings at the Chino, CA Headquarters. Unfortunately, the coronavirus led to the end of in-person courses and created a shift to digital solutions, giving opportunity to out-of-state customers to get real-time instruction on how to prepare specialty beverages.  

The training course is now available through a live webinar offered on a quarterly basis. This 2-hour overview will cover how to: 

  • Hot brew tea 
  • Cold brew tea 
  • Prepare brown sugar boba 
  • Make milk tea 
  • Make flavored iced tea 
  • Make a smoothie 

Trainers will walk through the steps and answer any questions you have. Spaces are limited to ensure an enriching valueable experience for each attendee. Karat by Lollicup goes beyond a normal restaurant supplier to educate and equip our customers for success. There are more training courses that will be rolled out so check back on our Certified Training page for additional details. 

Ready to sign up? Click here to purchase the Bubble Tea Training Fee online at LollicupStore.com. 


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