Plant A Tree

Karat by Lollicup partnered with Claremont Green Crew for their Arbor Day Celebration on March 30th. A few employees attended the celebration on behalf of Karat by Lollicup to donate their time, drinks and cups to help the Claremont Green Crew.

They donated Tea Zone tea and Karat Earth cups which are compostable in facilities. Claremont Green Crew chose to partner with Karat by Lollicup specifically for their Karat Earth line that caters to eco-friendly products.

The group of employees who attended, set up a table of their refreshments making sure everyone was well hydrated throughout the event. The city of Claremont officially announced March 30th as Arbor Day, where attendees planted trees and learned about giving back to the planet.

Juliebe Talaroc who is a Marketing Specialist at Karat by Lollicup expressed “It felt really great to take the time to represent Karat by Lollicup at Claremont Green Crew’s event because we feel that it’s really important to support things that are eco-friendly.”

Karat by Lollicup hopes to donate more of their time and efforts volunteering for local events and giving back to their community in the future.

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