Ghirardelli Made With Program

Ghirardelli is a well-known chocolate manufacturer located near the San Francisco Bay area of California. Over its 170 year history, Ghirardelli has built a reputation as a America’s #1 premium chocolate company across commercial use, confectionaries, baking, and in shops. A recent survey revealed that Ghirardelli has 91% national brand awareness and a large portion of consumers are enthusiastic about the brand.  

The halo effect of Ghirardelli has become a major selling point for foodservice operators that are looking to elevate their brand. According to a research report by Technomic, 81% of consumers would think the restaurant served higher-quality products if it offered Ghirardelli. 

Ghirardelli has developed the “Made With Ghirardelli” Program to allow restaurants and cafés to use an exclusive logo on their menu, signage, packaging, and ads.

Business owners can drive sales growth by enhancing the appeal and taste of their menu offers with premium Ghirardelli ingredients.  

This program is completely free and every operator is eligible to apply if they meet these guidelines: 

  • Signed agreement is required. 
  • Menu items do not contain competitive ingredients. 
  • At least 20%+ ingredients by weight must be Ghirardelli. 
  • Partner with Ghirardelli to develop products with Ghirardelli ingredients. 

Are you interested in boosting the appeal of your menu items? Click here to inquire! 

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