Karat by Lollicup Adds 140,000 sq. ft. in 3 Key States to Meet Growing Demand

To accommodate growing demand, Karat® by LollicupTM has signed new leases for additional warehouse space in California, Hawaii, and South Carolina. These expansions total approximately 140,000sq. ft.

For months, we had dozens of containers bottlenecked at the port. With those containers now coming in, there was a need for more space. The capacity of California warehouse operations will increase 40% and will double in South Carolina. Our number one priority is servicing our customers efficiently and accurately. Unfortunately, many customers may have experienced delays in order fulfillment caused by this issue, however, we are moving quickly to jump start operations at these new warehouses.

In Hawaii, capacity will increase approximately 200% to support the steady rise in demand for environmentally friendly restaurant supplies. The added number of plastic bans in Hawaii and elsewhere is helping to position us as one of the top suppliers of eco-friendly disposable foodservice products.

These larger facilities in key locations across the US allow us to meet summer demand and avoid disruption to our customer’s operations.

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