Grouping of Karat's plant based cups, forks, spoons, straws, containers and plates.

Karat Earth® is a brand dedicated to environmental sustainability, offering a range of plant-based and compostable products including cups, food containers, utensils, and more.
Made from renewable resources, our products are not only sturdy and reliable, but also a powerful statement of your commitment to protecting the environment. Our selection of BPI-certified compostable products can be safely broken down in industrial facilities, ensuring that we are constantly up to date with the latest ESG governance. Trust Karat Earth for your sustainable product needs and help us in our mission to make a greener world for all.

Our Mission

To make quality eco-friendly foodservice disposables easily accessible for all customers.
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Eco-Friendly Products


Select Karat Earth® products have received certifications on certain products our line offers. These certifications include:
 BPI Logo

Biodegradable Products Institute® (BPI) certification program ensures that products and packaging displaying the BPI® logo have been independently tested and verified according to scientifically based standards.

All BPI Certified Products
SFI Logo

Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI)® is an organization that collaborates on forest based conservation and community initiatives. This certification is based off principles that promote sustainable forest management to protect water quality, biodiversity, wildlife, and forests.

CMA Logo

Compost Manufacturing Alliance™ (CMA) accomplishes higher food waste diversion and minimizes contamination in urban feed stocks. Being CMA certified means a technical review and field testing of compostable products was conducted in order to determine their feasibility as a feed stock when shipped to fully permit industrial composting facilities.